"You kids are all on drugs!" - Plato
Yes, yes, I know you hate me but you should really listen to this. I think it will change your mind. I'd be happy if you just changed your mind. It's such a filthy mind. It should be clean — clean and innocent like this music.
Street View eat your heart out. Pairs nicely with Kraftwerk's 'Autobahn', played by a klezmer band.
"Knives in general are a physical manifestation of a chef's personality" - Robert Belcham
The system, ripped, Cuban-Style. Ernesto Oroza
Virtually destroy what destroys you virtually.
That's right, you don't. At all. Nobody does.
When you decorate, remember that it isn't just about making your home or cubicle look great. It's also about punching nasty gaping holes in your victim's sense of the future.

Welcome home, assholes. I redecorated your shit.
It's what I like to call a musical reacharound.

Get lost!